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TimeShark’s processes make optimizing Time, Attendance, Scheduling and Payroll a breeze!

You have your schedule complete for the week and you’ve just discovered the personnel you thought were available for work has changed. Now what? With TimeShark you’re just a few clicks away from generating a revised schedule. But not just any schedule.

A TimeShark schedule is a schedule that has been optimized taking into considerations all of the factors that can contibute to your cost to manage and pay for your work force overall.

Factors such as hours worked, overtime hours accumulated, availability, adjacent shift alerts, employee rating, employee skill level and more. TimeShark is able to use any or all of this data to generate a TimeShark optimized schedule automatically. You only need to review and confirm, or make slight adjustments if you see fit. Once approved, simply "publish" the revised schedule to email the affected employees and make the new schedule available for viewing with our various tools.


Only $35    

TimeShark’s intuitive controls automate many tasks, TimeShark has a full suite of automated functions that make handling these types of situations easy.

  • Automate schedule creation
  • Adjust schedule
  • Automatically notify staff of shift changes or updates
  • Automatic notifications for leaves of absence, employee reviews
  • Automatic updates to account for government changes to employee compensation
  • TimeShark automates payroll data uploads to major payroll providers to reduce task duplication


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